Star Wars Uncut – Pure crowdsourcing genius


Sometimes, the internet can amaze even ourselves.

Star Wars Uncut is a crowdsourced reinterpretation of the original Star Wars: A New Hope. In “Newer Hope,” George Lucas’ epic film was diced into 473 fifteen-second clips and left on the Web for the world to choose and reinterpret them at will. The end result, stitched together and available to watch for free online, might be more epic than the original

Scenes were submitted  from all around the world. “Japan, England, France…. About 20″, clams Casey Pugh the brains behind the idea of Star Wars Uncut. Pugh had already made a name for himself working for high-profile companies such as Vimeo and Boxee. In fact he created the Vimeo video player, so making this was a natural step for Pugh.

Stormtrooper rush!

We asked Pugh how he was able to get this project together, and he attributed it all to the internet, and crowdsourcing. “Crowdsourcing is awesome because it’s leveraging the Internet and using the hands of the people around the world to do one common task. You can use a complicated program, but you can’t get the ingenuity and creativity and the cleverness from thousands of individuals from a computer program. I spent a lot of time previous to this project thinking about crowdsourcing. I was really into this one project called White Glove Tracking. They took [and manipulated] Michael Jackson’s debut of Moonwalker–the music video, where everybody goes nuts?

Somebody decided to export every frame of the video, each individual still, and then they crowdsourced it to people and asked them to draw a box around the white glove he’s wearing, the one white glove. So through that data that they gathered, they were able to get video artists to do interesting effects on the video. There’s multiple versions, like, actually a hundred versions. But some of my favorite were when they decided to give him a giant white glove, like a giant Mickey Mouse hand throughout the whole video. So when he’s moon walking, he’s got this ridiculously large hand.”

Applying it to Star Wars was a no brainer, and the final go ahead was when Lucasfilm came up and liked the project.

“They actually,” said Pugh “four to five months into the project, called me up, out of the blue, and were like, “We love what you’re doing, and we’d love to fly you out to San Francisco to talk with you more about it.” They really loved the project so much. And they were supportive. They wanted to support it as actually a fan film, which means…they’re not gonna give me any legal issues.”

The film is actually an online media project, and scenes are voted on to be included. If a scene gets a higher ranking than another, that scene is automatically added into the final film. Software is in place and running 24 hours a day to update the fim!

Many of the sequences are filmed in deliberately crude, low-budget or otherwise comical manners, and the actors do not always resemble the original cast. One scene is a stop-motion sequence using Lego Star Wars figurines. Another mimicks the animation style of the 1968 Beatles film Yellow Submarine. Others are parodies of specific pop culture sub-genres, such as anime cartoons and grindhouse films.

Amazing stuff if you ask us! Bellow is the trailer, and for the first time ever presented here on M3, the movie length feature, Star Wars Uncut! Grab some popcorn, fire up your LCD screen, and enjoy the magic!


The trailer

And the feature! Turn down the lights!


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